Meet the Makers

Sol Team

Some things are forced, and others are divinely synchronous. Meet the CORE of people the universe brought together to create the AI for goal-oriented super humans.

Matthew Lawler
Founder & CEO
Matthew is well-seasoned when it comes to designing industry changing concepts, and communicating them to the world. He marries a deep passion to fix broken systems with his incredible talent to envision and communicate ideal, delightful solutions.
Brooke Lawler
Brooke is not only smart and insightful, but quick-witted and funny! She has deep knowledge and insights into the 'Entertainment Tech' industry, with over 12 years of experience working with the most esteemed clients at major advertising agencies. We're delighted to have her guiding our product strategy.
John Halstead, Ph.D.
John brings decades of experience in leadership across multiple disciplines. John is a pioneer in machine learning and AI systems — and is as credentialed as they come in the data science department. John marries his intelligence with a genuine track record of ethics we wouldn't want to be without.
Alexander Merricks
Alex now throws together innovative and strategic business plans faster than his 100 m/hr fastball pitch for the Twins. Alex is truly a new breed of operations management that fuses expertise across a vast expanse of disciplines including neuroscience and behavior with a deep, atomic understanding of blockchain technology.
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