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We're on a mission to design the earth around sustainable, sovereign communities.

Designed Around Community

You've heard the term software is eating the world... and while that is largely true...we have a slightly more positive and human sounding twist to that notion. Through software and digital innovations, the planet is being reorganized, at every single level, by communities. Whether it be a community on Reddit deciding to gather and hedge their bets to take down short-selling hedge funds, or Bitcoin developers collaborating on creating the hardest money the world has ever seen — People across the globe are connected like never before, and making a HUGE impact. Even as big tech behemoths have tried to control the flow of information, the peer-to-peer network is growing into an unstoppable force. When people of like minds and shared interests gather, they become a force of nature. And that's what we're doing for Real Estate at Sol RE. We're putting community first. We're connecting in both digital and physical space, and we are looking to grow. Bigly. Never before has there been an opportunity for a community of people to collectively own and govern the most valuable and reliably scarce asset on the planet — Real Estate. We are believers in the future of digital currency. But the focus of Sol RE is pure and simple: Identify, purchase, and cultivate rock-solid real estate deals, and create big community wins, without need for speculation.

Meet the Makers

Sol Team

We're merging truly cross-disciplinary skillsets to create something special.

Sven Sjodin
Co-Founder / CEO
Sven is a real American cowboy, defying all odds, living with his beautiful family of 10 in the rural Malibu hills of southern California. Sven embodies expertise in a diverse skillset and brings experience in general construction, with expansive understanding at the intersection of Real Estate and Digital asset industries.
Matthew Lawler
C0-Founder / CoO
Matthew is a talented communicator with a background in Brand and UI/UX design with leading brands. Matthew brings a huge passion for decentralization and a vision for sovereign communities eating the world instead of Big Tech software. His new favorite art medium is facilitating a steady flow of progress for the Sol RE vision.
Tony Hershman
Co-Founder / Head of Real Estate Management
Tony brings decades of real estate management experience to the table, alongside his innovative mindset to make real estate investment more liquid and accessible to all through digitization. Tony pioneered this mission with a vision for making a huge impact to help at-risk youth as a part of our bias towards winning as a community.
Brooke Lawler
Freestory Project Lead
Brooke Lawler is a former advertisign executive turned hippie clean-crafted wine selling mom with a beautifully crafted vision for sustainable community living in nature. Brooke is leading our efforts for our Freestory project
Seeking Co-Founder / CTO
Founder / CTO
We're looking for top development talent who knows their way around a blockchain or two. Please Drop us a line if you'd like to be considered for a founding role with the Sol Forms team.
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