We are rebooting.
The world is changing.
Therefore so are we.

We are on a mission to help you save time and get to your goals faster while empowering you with ownership of your data.

We'd love it if you Took 5 mins to reflect with us.
Your contributions are oxygen for our efforts.
A seed has been planted

Freestory Village

They say it takes a village.
But where is the village?

Family First

We want to build a place for families to grow and be together in a beautiful natural environment where they can focus on growing their relationships without the clutter

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Accelerator Focus

Brave startup founders have an enormously improved opportunity to thrive with support of experienced entrepreneurs, mentors, and investor minds. We're creating exciting workshops to clarify your families business goals, so you can get there faster.

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Community Support

We're putting together communities of people who will live and work together to grow into their best selves, and accelerate the business' they were born for.

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