The Sol Community is launching Freedom Wave Media in 2021

We're publishing the Great Awakening.

Whether Big Tech, Big media, Big Gov, or Big Pharma like it or not, we're getting the stories out that matter to us, through books, articles, art, and video for a new breed of media company, fit for a New Earth. Do you know a creator who's been de-platformed by one or several of the SAMO corp. social platforms? Send them our way. Got something you want to share? We're better together.

It's about time to Join a community of creators without getting zucked by Big Tech!

It's time we, the creatives, formed a TEAM, united as a collective, creating a brighter future without exploitive Big Tech selling off your data in the middle.

Creators, let's CONNECT ☞

Request Alpha Bird Membership

We've begun inviting a select few innovators to help grow our community and shape the direction we take. Early bird membership starts at $4/🌝moon to help us keep the lights on. Eager to help us grow? Enter your email, and let's grow together.

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