Matthew James Lawler


Martin Geddes


Q+ / The Peace Dealer

What an INCREDIBLE show, guys and gals. Absolutely historic. If I'm looking through the glass just right, what I see unfolding is the kind of plan that hatched A LONG time ago, and it looks like it's about to come full circle into fruition. What does Trump and the Q team have brewing for the end of this SHOW?? DARK TO LIGHT.

There's ONLY ONE Q+, but I multiplied him by 4!

Published by Matthew James Lawler on Oct 14, 2020.

There’s only 4 of them starting at .10 ETH! I’ll take a 20% cut for each sale thereafter : )  4.10.20 THE DRAWING OF video, and high resolution files available upon purchase 🙏⚡️❤️

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