Matthew James Lawler


Martin Geddes




"So what might be the “one basic truth” that we have failed to recognize, and which mightbring down the “mountain of lies,” liberating generations to come? The “big lie” is the idea that we are less than divine — that is to say, of less than infinite intrinsic worth.
This in turn makes us seek validation by temporal authority in the ordinary world. It is an“identity hole” that we seek to fill via externally supplied spiritual meaning. The absence ofthat meaning — such as exclusion from the “respectable club” for wrongthink — thenbecomes a source of overwhelming fear.
Merely the threat of having our source of fake spiritual meaning taken away is a powerfulleverage point for social control. That is our core vulnerability, our “information security”weak point, which is then “hacked.” Once our spiritual meaning “firmware” is subverted, itdoesn’t matter what happens at the cultural “operating system” or political “application”levels. We can never be secure in our own identity." — Martin Geddes, (from OYMTC, "Crossing the Schism")

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