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I can’t tell you what’s in other artists signatures, but I am honored to share what’s going on with mine! The ‘ML’ you see with those three lines above it is not how I’ve always signed my name, but it’s what I'm doing now, and what I expect to be doing for a long time coming, LORD willing!

The ‘ML’ is rather straight forward — My initials merged together into one form. For a time, that was my signature. However, I was inspired to add those three lines above it, and there is a reason for it. For starters, it is a reference to the trigram symbolizing “Heaven” in the ancient  ‘book of transformation’, known as the I Ching, one of the oldest books on the planet (over 3,000 years old). The I Ching is an “oracle” system composed of 64 Hexagrams, each one a composite of two trigrams. Since this article isn’t about the I Ching, I’m not going to dive all the way in for now, but the concept behind it has certainly captured my fascination over the years. The first Hexagram, composed of six straight lines represents “the Creative”... a symbol I can identify with, perhaps for obvious reasons. Fanciful as it may sound, I was born with a desire to play a role in helping to deliver heaven to earth in some shape or form. Of course, I’ve never had any guarantees of any degree of success, nor have I experienced it. But the art and writing that comes out of me is largely born from that desire, and my unending curiosity regarding the regulation and governance structure of this planet, and the frustrations of being captured in this VERY fallen 3D matrix on earth.

With any luck, the external affairs of this world are at or very near peak insanity. I am told it is darkest before the dawn, and my innerstanding aligns with that. I do believe we have a heavenly golden era ahead of us, and I am ready and willing to play a role in it. Perhaps my art can be a medium for many to innerstand for themselves where we’ve been and where we’re going — that is my hope! And that’s why I’m writing Animal Style, an allegorical story fully of heart-warming animal characters that hope to provide you some comic relief, wherever we roll together on this blue planet.

Thank YOU for tuning in, and may we ascend together SOON!

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