Today is a special day. For 4 primary reasons that I will highlight in this article.

It’s my wedding anniversary with Brooke

Today, Brooke and I look back on 11 years of marriage. We got married on June 28, 2008. My life has been better ever since, of course. We complement each other pretty well, in my view. She sharpens me where I am dull and flattens me out where I’m too sharp. And that’s not the half of it.

We’re launching into our Freestory

But, this day also marks a doubling down on our relationship. Brooke has been my biggest investor for the last 11 years. And now she’s looking to take that investment OUT of the BANKS.

We’ve made the decision to pair our personal expenses down considerably, to live a more ‘FREE’ life. One that doesn’t put us in a situation where either of us are doing unfulfilling work to pay bills we really don’t need to be paying. We’ve decided we don’t need 2100 square feet in our home for the time being. We’re selling our home to live our Freestory while we launch THIS company, Sol Forms, Inc. We’ll be sharing our story on Instagram, Minds, and perhaps VOICE when it launches.

California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018

This day, last year, was also the day that California shipped its Consumer Privacy Act, which would ultimately inspire the solutions Sol Forms will be delivering to people and brands.


Today is also TAU day. (Credit to Michael Hartle, creator of TauDay.com )You are likely familiar with the mathematical constant known as PIE. Attributed to Einstein, celebrated on 3.14. Well, it turns out the use and celebration of PIE is now out of fashion almost entirely in elite mathematical circles. TAU is the thing we are supposed to know and celebrate, and it’s simply 2x Pie. 6.28. It represents a full CYCLE, The circle constant. Just on an intuitive level, doesn’t it make more sense to celebrate fullness than it does a fraction? I think so.

But what if I don't care about Math? ...

If you are a creative person who doesn’t feel very ‘technological’ — perfect! that’s most of us. We are at a very interesting point in time where being technological is arguably more philosophical than it has ever been. Do you prefer harmonic, simple math, over redundant, excessive math? How about transparency for the cause and effect of reduced fraud? That one interests me, too. I wager that being a technologist today is about knowing your values and backing them with all the vigor you can muster. Numbers have a way of speaking in such a way that they eliminate confusion and bring solutions to a finite point — a whole number. 6.28 has been making itself known in our lives in incredible ways that go beyond the life of THIS article.

Sol Forms is exploring further ways to support proper and harmonic mathematics wherever possible. We believe harmonic mathematics are big piece of the current bitcoin and blockchain financial revolution, currently underway. We fully expect to be celebrating TAU forever into our future at Sol Forms.

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