At the precipice of a new crypto bull market cycle, a collective Sol takes new form. With GREAT DELIGHT, I have the privilege of introducing the Sol Forms of a new venture, comprised of the most intelligent and passionate individuals I’ve had the honor of meeting.

Without further adu…

Our company is named after the Sun and the most essential ideas that form from our singular source of emanating light, here on earth.

It is also a reference to the ‘Platonic’ Theory of Forms : ) (yes, we’re a ‘platform’ company ; )

The Theory of Forms

“The theory of Forms or theory of Ideas[1][2][3] is a philosophical theory, concept, or world-view, attributed to Plato, that the physical world is not as real or true as timeless, absolute, unchangeable ideas.[4] According to this theory, ideas in this sense, often capitalized and translated as “Ideas” or “Forms”,[5] are the non-physical essences of all things, of which objects and matter in the physical world are merely imitations. Plato speaks of these entities only through the characters (primarily Socrates) of his dialogues who sometimes suggest that these Forms are the only objects of study that can provide knowledge.

Although the Theory of forms speaks of ‘unchangeable ideas’ which are ‘non-physical’.. we ARE building hardware forms for the purposes of securing people’s data in a world where data is currency.

We ARE building hardware forms for the purposes of securing people’s data in a world where data is currency.

There are really 3 primary Forms (ideas) that this company is founded upon. And the first is that of data sovereignty.

Form 1: Right to Data Sovereignty

We believe people have a natural right to privacy, and that privacy in our digital lives needs to be the DEFAULT — not the exception (Privacy is truly only available to the technical wizards among us). We consider data to be the currency of the modern world and we want to make sure everybody is able to participate by ensuring individual data sovereignty, and the individual right to choose who has access to personal data.

Form 2: Attention is Currency

Really, data is just the measure of where attention is and has been. Our attention is currency (Google, Facebook, Twitter…etc —Profit from your attention). Where we place our attention, we grow. So our commitment is to honor your attention and intention, helping you to make the most of it. Where do you want to grow now?

Form 3: Community at the Core

Up to this point, only the largest corporations have been able to benefit from data analytics, and the general monetization of data. Not anymore — We’re putting communities at the CORE. When community members have ownership in their personal data, and can choose to share, or sell it — and specifically within their communities, an entirely new data-flow emerges, that brings MORE value, savings, and sustainability directly to communities.

These principles have been resonant in each of our founding members, and in one form or another, are what have brought us together today. I’ve already provided several real-time ‘Raw’ updates that cover some of the formation of this team and this mission, but will of course be sharing more about our story in the days, weeks, and hopefully many years to come.

Shifting OUT of profit-driven SAMO Corps

Corporations are legally bound to make decisions and take actions with PROFIT as their singular monolithic goal. The results are in on where this has lead us, suffice to say, THEY ARE NOT GOOD RESULTS.

Corporations themselves have only been around for about 500 years, and historically speaking, have largely shown to have poor mortality rates. Compared to the potential lifespan, most corporations die very young.

Well, it’s not all that surprising when you consider how far out of balance corporate priorities are. If the sole focus is profit, where does that leave health, happiness, and community prosperity? What if healthy, prosperous communities was THE goal (and profits were used to support it)?

Sol Community Cooperatives

We’re structuring our CORE business (Sol Forms) to provide aid and service to Sovereign Sol Communities. And when I say community, I do mean a localized physically proximal group of people. After all, if you need a cup of sugar, a mechanic, or a used bike — it’s best to get it from right next door.

The Community Oriented Research Entity
Securing personal data is a team effort. It takes hardware specialists, cybersecurity pros, business development, software developers, customer service reps, and occasionally designers. Moving into the world of data sovereignty will not happen overnight. There will be plenty of handholding, and we certainly do enjoy adding a human touch : )

If you’re interested in leading your community to data sovereignty — please get in touch.

If you’d simply like to understand more about our vision for data sovereignty, we’d love for you to cruise on our website, or  say hello to us on twitter, instagram, or join our email list.

I couldn’t be more honored and proud to find myself surrounded by people who have already demonstrated such a clear commitment to CARING about the well being of people, and sacrificially bearing the burden of fixing the biggest problems we face as a locale, a nation, and as a planetary whole. They have taught me the meaning of what it means to be ‘syntropic’, by example. The mass of concentrated and organized knowledge of cybersecurity, blockchain, governance, neuroscience, and regulatory know-how was the truest and most impressive testament to human creativity that I have personally encountered in this lifetime (I love you Xander, Alex, Scott! ).

I am deeply, deeply honored to have been asked to front this tribe of disciplined and courageous leaders. We  will either succeed, or die trying for individual, communal, and global data sovereignty.

Join us, and take back what is yours.

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