It is my great pleasure to announce the hiring of Alexander Merricks as a partner, and Chief Operating Officer at Sol Forms. If it were not for my run-in with Alexander, Sol Forms would not exist. It is my honor to highlight Alex’s experience, and outline his role with us.

In 2009, Alex was throwing left handed curve balls for the New York Mets. While playing baseball for a living was quite a kush lifestyle, Alex knew he was destined for something that could deliver more positive impact for the planet, and felt the call to pioneer new technologies and new mathematical systems (bringing Xero back, baby ; ) . This alone, would be enough to make Alexander unique.

Alex discovered Bitcoin in 2009, and watched with interest, placing a few buy orders on Bitcoin in the still early days of 2013. During these years, Alex was prudent to study the banking industry in great detail, diving deep into the Basel Accords, the international regulatory framework for banks. Alex’s keen understanding of intricate banking operations and frameworks has shaped his understanding of Bitcoin and how the burgeoning cryptocurrency asset class is likely to be used, adopted, and regulated as we undergo the biggest paradigm shift the global economy has seen in our recorded history.

But Alex’s expertise doesn’t stop at throwing fastballs and knowing the powers of banking on the blockchain. Alex is a remarkable observer of human behavior with deep insights into human psychology, the programmability of DNA, and the power of language to change it. Alex understands that this global movement isn’t about the technology — it’s about being more human, being better humans, and committing ourselves to fix the problems we can see (The people who can see the problems are, the best equipped to fix them, after all). We’ve found a great deal of alignment with the belief that it’s time for people to claim sovereignty over our personal data, and start benefitting through it’s exchange. Indeed, it was Alex who tipped me off to the California Consumer Privacy act of 2018, and its progressive mandate to give people control of their data.

Alex will be one of the chief architects of our blockchain and tokenomics systems that will power Sol Forms products, which will introduce players to digital assets for in-game rewards. He will also be key in forming partnerships, educating banks —as well as their customers, and growing and guiding our technical and creative teams. Honestly, Alex has already told me he’d like to move towards more of an “R&D” role, but the reality is that so few people exist with his knowledge base, that I simply couldn’t live without him as Chief of Operations. For now.

Alex, thanks so much for your persistent dedication to your study of this industry for the last 10 years.

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