I am truly honored to announce our partnership with John Halstead, Ph.D., who has stepped up to lead our Operations, and provide a foundational guidance for our technology stack as we move forward with building the framework for Sol id’s — the way in which people will, for the first time, own their digital identities and data streams, and profit from them. 

John is a decorated veteran of military operations, marketing prowess, and of pioneering machine learning technology for some rather large organizations you may have heard of. In 2001, as Executive Director of Training and Education Priorities of the US Army, John helped lead the change of the US Army slogan from “Be all you can be.”, (which had about 20 years of staying power) to “An army of one”. At that time, the army wanted to communicate a more cohesive team ethos that didn’t leave behind the concept of the individual. I think they did a fine job.

John’s tenure with the military put him at charge of managing projects at  enormous scale — $500 million dollar budgets, where he paved greater efficiencies and managed to cut costs just as much.

John also spent several years with research giant, Rand corporation, where he lead multidisciplinary research teams that generated numerous “Social and industrial psychological predictive models that merged big data with AI, ML, and multivariate statistics”. I know that’s a lot of big, very smart words, but John is excellent at meeting people exactly where they are at, and approaches everything he does with humility and warmth.

From 2014 up to earlier this year, John was a Senior Data Scientist at the Motion Picture Association of America — where he was recognized as Employee of the Year for leadership in creating “efficacy models to measure programs, noting demonstrated skills in consensus building, problem solving, and critical thinking.”

When a brilliant veteran as colorful as John says he wants to be COO of your company, it’s not something you would think of turning down. Many thanks to my bride (and Chief of Communications) for meeting John, capturing his interest with what we were doing, and helping join our paths. What was once a research, design, and marketing heavy startup of individuals in the wild west of the new technological frontier, is now finding it’s balance after becoming substantially heavier on the other side — technical and operational fortitude.

Together, we have found a mission much greater than ourselves. We couldn’t be more excited to be readying to set our mark on the decade the 2020’s will bring. We have a visionary roadmap that extends beyond this decade, and the only way to get where we will go is with the capability set John brings to the table.

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