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Matthew Lawler is a digital artist, designer, and web savvy creator with a passion for a quality of design communication you'll be hard pressed to find elsewhere.

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Professional Services

Brand Identity Design & Visual Strategy

Looking to update your brand with a meaningful ethos, or just starting out? My skillset is tailor-made to get you launched and looking your sharpest.

Design UI/UX

Have a web or software based product you want to make as delightful as can be for your customers? I'm passionate about dialing in your product with precision.

Illustration + Motion

Every brand needs to find their voice and visual style for communicating their message, whether at their home on the web or the myriad of social channels — or a book! Bring your communications into motion with custom designed assets that communicate with class and style.

Publish Your Book

The barrier to publishing your story has never been lower. But on the other hand, it's never been more difficult to rise above the noise. With my experienced publishing parter, we can help you polish your story from draft to physical and digital distribution to your audience.

Social & Marketing

Looking for help creating assets for your social media channels, email list, or perhaps looking to create content to bring people to your own web page? Content is always better with classy art and illustrations. I can help you manage your workflow as well with an industry-leading toolset.

No Code Engineering

The day has arrived where designers can now create intricate, custom experiences, members-only community sites, and fully functional web apps, without needing to write code. Save time and money — hire a designer that can help you with end-to-end development.

Favorite tools of the digital trade:

Founded by Matthew Lawler

Let's get Creative Together.

I've spend most my career as a freelance designer and startup incubator. Now it's time to build an unstoppable creative team to solve the most pressing challenges by cultivating a diversity of Talent.

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"He thinks about things on a level that is both philosophical and practical and this translates to a truly meaningful contribution on a higher plane."

I got to know Matt during one of our holistic projects, which is publicly know as Concept 26. Matt is an extremely talented guy, which I have come to expect of anyone that enters our realm here at VMCC. But he has a quality that is very rare as well. He thinks about things on a level that is both philosophical and practical and this translates to a truly meaningful contribution on a higher plane. He is unafraid to dive in and get involved any design problem and search for true understanding on a fundamental level, which is critical for effective solutions. I'd love to work with him again anytime.

Doug Frasher

Advanced Concepts Director @ Volvo Concept Center

We've worked with John across all our projects and it's our competitive advantage.

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Motion Graphics


Visual Development

Webflow Development


No-Code Solutions



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A few things 🙄
clients normally ask me:

What is your work discipline?

I've been disciplined to stay my lane in all things visual ; ) I grew up drawing cartoons with my father. When I started learning the Adobe Suite in 2008, the world was quickly shifting from print to web. Since then, I've made an art out of designing and making visuals that communicates in digital mediums, as well as printed goods. Every now and then I get the paints out. But for me, creating video and putting custom illustrations into sizzling motion in Adobe After effects or the web is the most rewarding.

What is your location & timezone?

I'm located in Southern California on the border of Malibu and Westlake Village in the Pacific Time Zone, enjoying mountain life and making excursions to the ocean for surf.

How often can we communicate?

As often as required. I respect your time, you respect mine...with a shared urgency to complete projects in a speedy time frame. Yay for the remote work environment! I do phone calls, email, zoom, and even have a private one-on-one chat space for clients over in the Sol Community.

What is your  hourly rate?

I prefer not to bill hourly, so I don't! But you can imagine my premium services being worth north of $100/hour. Sign on to a Sol Creator Pro subscription, and you'll more than likely find that you'll get above and beyond what you hoped for in a moonthly time-frame at half the cost of a full-time employee.

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