We're creating a more
Beneficial connection between
people and brands

In today's world, big business
profits from your personal information.
Now it's your turn.

When people get directly rewarded for sharing valuable information, good things happen. People open up and share. Brands that care about people will have an opportunity to get to know them. We're saying goodbye to the exploitive ad models of today, and accelerating the age of authenticity.



We understand that top brands want and needclean, clear, data driven insights toconnect with and understand their customers. We want to see thriving, authentic relationships between people and the brands worth talking about.

That’s why we’re building the platform where players get paid to interact with your brandand tell you what they really think.

Real, actionable data, without the bots.
I'm a brand and I want in.
Coming in 2020



As you may know at this point...Big tech has been stealing your data. And selling it.

We’re giving it back to you, so you can make money.

We have aspirations to help you store, organize, secure, and ownall of your personal data— but we’re just starting with the datayou generate inside of some fun interactive comics.

How’s that sound?
Get Notified on release
Coming thanksgiving 2019



Are you a pioneer for the future of work?

Be an early bird.

Stay tuned as we share more details about how the information economy is taking shape — and how you can play for PAY : )

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Meet the Makers

Sol Team Players

Some things are forced, and others are divinely synchronous. Meet the CORE of people the universe brought together to bring "Play for Pay" to the people.

Matthew Lawler
Founder & Interim CEO
Matthew is well-seasoned when it comes to designing industry changing concepts, and communicating them to the world. He marries a deep passion to fix broken systems with his incredible talent to envision and communicate ideal, delightful solutions.
Brooke Lawler
INvestor & Strategic Advisor
Brooke is not only smart and insightful, but quick-witted and funny! She has deep knowledge and insights into the 'Entertainment Tech' industry, with over 12 years of experience working with the most esteemed clients at major advertising agencies. We're delighted to have her guiding our product strategy.
Alexander Merricks
Operations Advisor
Alex now throws together innovative and strategic business plans faster than his 100 m/hr fastball pitch for the Twins. Alex is truly a new breed of operations management that fuses expertise across a vast expanse of disciplines including neuroscience and behavior with a deep, atomic understanding of blockchain technology.
Scott Akers
Product Advisor
Scott an incredible multi-talented human with a deep understanding of financial markets, and in many ways is speaking prophecy about what's coming, especially as it pertains to the future of the American economy. Scott is also an expert in product and technical specification — and will make certain that our products deliver the goods.
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